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What we do

ExpressLane Data takes your existing positions and landmarks and allows you to see a clear picture of what each vehicle in your system did. You can use the information for billing, to find and correct inefficiencies, and based on your Satellite or Cellular position infomation provider you may even be able to get real-time position information that you can share with your clients like updated delivery times, or the number of loads delivered.

Basically we fill the gap between what your dispatch software and position providers are able to do, and what you would like them to do.

Omnitracs and Shaw Tracking Clients

In addition to position history, Omnitracs and Shaw Tracking clients can see all their messages (free form and macros), sync their existing landmarks, and message their trucks. And soon you will be able to do it all from your handheld smartphone.

Custom Work

ExpressLane Data is working with a Omnitracs and Shaw Tracking clients to get them the exact reports they need to be as efficient as they can be. If you would like a free trial of our services, or would like to ask about having something amazing customized for you, contact us today.

RoadMail is here!
Get a message to the cab by sending normal email. Amazing! Drivers can reply from the cab, and even send messages truck-to-truck.
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