Actionable Data

ExpressLane Data takes your existing Omnitracs data and gives you a clear picture of what each vehicle in your system did. You can use the information for billing, to find and correct inefficiencies, and based on your Satellite or Cellular position information provider you may even be able to get real-time position information that you can share with your clients like updated delivery times, or the number of loads delivered.

Instant Communication

Poor communication between drivers and dispatch costs you time and money. RoadMail streamlines communication by making it easy and transparent. It allows you to simply send normal e-mails directly to the truck's ELD. From your phone or desktop you can view message history to stay in the loop with who is communicating what to your drivers.

Custom Work

Is there a new report or piece of software that would help streamline your business? We work with transportation companies to develop custom technology solutions that drive their business forward. Anything from data analysis to automated systems, we can do it. Reach out and let's see what we can build together.

About Us

ExpressLane Data is a transportation technology partner. We have created custom dispatch software applications, consulted with transportation companies on the implementation of technology to increase their efficiency and/or provide their clients better service. We excel at managing position data, crunching it, and returning it to you in a friendly easy to interpret format.